300https://i.ibb.co/1sLqnks/B1C160D46B134D3AA661542498B95F89.png Kazuto Okada has an unorthodox approach to storytelling. Ibitsu is only the second work of his that I have read but I feel like that much is sufficient enough to become familiar with this aforementioned approach. This method of Okadasenseis is to draw an audience into his stories through a front he masquerades his tales as dark ecchi comedies. He lures victims us the readers in under the pretenses of crude sexual humor while the authors truth lies underneath the bedrock of this fetish facade. Story Ibitsu beginning is atypical. The story opens up on a moving subway. In the midst of the crowded train a girl finds herself being groped. Her inner monologue is unusual something not expected of a JK in uniform. Instead of responding to the situation with fear she responds with intentional desire and resolve. She stabs the hand between her legs with a safety pin. This strange encounter with a groper proves to be something related to fate as the two individuals develop a peculiar relationship that leads to them living together and continues to evolve throughout the course of the manga. If you cannot tolerate ecchi this may not be for you. This is filled with high tension crude and sexual situations. I wont even go into detail regarding the fetishes at times it can be disturbing and somewhat overwhelming. Sometimes it even seems as if there is no progression in the plot but this is really only palpable during the first half of the manga. If youre a selfproclaimed degenerate though you shouldnt have any trouble reading this. I only include this warning for the sake of stating that this isnt something that should sway anyone from reading Ibitsu. This is truly something that must be read between the lines. Characters The two leads in Ibitsu have lived very different lives and were formed under very different circumstances. Its a cliche but opposites attract. People with different external life experiences may have more in common than what meets the eye. This certainly seems to be the case for our protagonists. Madoka Moritaka may seem like a normal 17yearold girl but she is anything but the sort. Something that separates her from the rest of the typical mold is that of her appearance: she is incredibly beautiful and everyone around her knows it. As a matter of fact they never fail to let her know just how attractive she is. The attention she receives from those at school/daily life is one that is incredibly lacking at home. Madoka does not come from a tightknit loving family. Her parents are going through a very rough divorce they do not seem to have their daughters best interests in mind. The way Madokas parents peers treat her plays a big role in how she views herself the world around her and how she responds to her own circumstances. https://i.ibb.co/P1qg5LY/74A6B70579EF46B5A9572DFE6822777C.jpg Keiko Kakiguchi has had a very different experience with life. At 22 years of age he is an adult toy store cashier with an interesting hobby one which becomes the catalyst that ignites the relationship between him and Madoka. Unlike Madoka his appearance does not capture the eyes of others and cause them to take a turn when he walks by. Kakiguchi is short with a baby face and is often mistaken as an elementary schooler. This causes him to be picked on by an overwhelming majority of his peers. His family situation and background are made known as Ibitsu progresses and they help illustrate why Kakiguchi is who he is as a person. Art For me I rarely ever have an issue with art when it comes to reading manga. I tend to view things under a stylistic lens so I dont often find myself assessing how bad or good an individuals artwork is. Though I will say that Ibitsus art is not Stier. Dont expect too much from it but dont feel the need to overlook it because it seems off putting. It is not the sharpest nor is it the most appealing but it is unique. The mangaka displays a contrast between the different appearances shades of characters in comedic situations vs. dramatic raw intimate situations. If nothing else the mangakas ability to establish mood and tone through this dichotomy should be appreciated. Im not going to sit here and say it is the best thing to look at but the art is compelling enough. https://i.ibb.co/g6rxhF3/B8D34E66573D4F56A7C9FE8D3C689E9E.jpg At the end of the day illustrations exist for the sake of immersing the reader into the world that exists within the mind of the mangaka. In my opinion Ibitsu is definitely able to do that. Conclusion Okadasensei is the master of glorious trash. It is not difficult to gloss over his work. His manga is dropped routinely I would imagine due to the contents/material found within the pages. It is no question that many will find Ibitsu difficult to read. At face value it seems to be nothing more than an erotic comedy about disturbing fetishessprinkled with a tiny bit of romance. This is the conclusion that someone would come to if they had only read portions of the manga not being willing to see the story to its end. Youd be surprised what a story with a masturbation motif can do read Onani Master Kurosawa if you havent. Ibitsu is a disturbing story but isnt that what it means to be human? Life in and of itself is rather disturbing. Every day we make mistakes and sometimes we hurt others around us because of it. Sometimes its deliberate sometimes its through ignorance but we hurt each other nonetheless. Its difficult to turn a blind eye to this reality of our existence: hurt people hurt people. If nothing else this storyby its completionwill encourage readers to reflect upon their lives. It shows us that every second of our lives matter. If you are struggling to open up with someone close to you or you are holding yourself back in some way who knows? Ibitsu could be the push that you need to see that through to the end.
75 /100
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