Kou Ootani

大谷幸, Kow Otani
Birth:May 1, 1957
Years active:1980-Present
Hometown:Tokyo, Japan
Profilehttps://www.imaginemusic.co.jp/artist/index/9 Twitterhttp://twitter.com/kowotani After graduating from university he became a founding member of Yuji Saitos music production company IMAGINE in November 1986. The company has grown to feature musicians like Kohei Tanaka Shiro Hamaguchi Hayato Matsuo and Shinji Miyazaki who have become well known for cinematic scoring and orchestration through Otani. In 1987 he made his debut as an anime composer with the popular manga adaptation City Hunter which earned him recognition in the industry. He later went on to work on titles such as Spy Games 1988 The Ultimate Teacher 1988 The Yadamura Waltz 1988 and Youre Under Arrest 1994. The anime Future GPX Cyber Formula 1991 and Mobile Suit Gundam Wing 1995 and several films in the Gamera series are some of his most wellknown works. In 2001 he created the score to the film Godzilla Mothra and King Ghidorah: Giant Monsters AllOut Attack. Other notable scores by Otani include Outlaw Star 1998 Gundam Wing: Endless Waltz 1998 Cross Fire 2000 The SoulTaker 2001 Haibane Renmei 2002 Zatch Bell 2003 Eyeshield 21 2005 Pumpkin Scissors 2006 Deltora Quest 2007 and Over Drive 2007. He has also been the music director and keyboardist of the band Dreams Come True. He appeared at Eminence Symphony Orchestras events A Night in Fantasia 2007: Symphonic Games Edition and Unearthing Eden The sounds of AINARU in 2007. Throughout his career Otani has also composed music for several video games making his debut with the 1995 shooter game Philosoma. In 2000 he created the soundtrack to the flight simulator Sky Odyssey. He scored Shadow of the Colossus in 2005 his most famous video game work. Otani was responsible for composing the music for Wild Arms: Twilight Venom 2000 an anime adaptation of the Wild Arms video game series he also arranged compositions of Michiko Narukes music from the series. He did two more video game to anime adaptations: Night Warriors: Darkstalkers Revenge 1997 and Popolocrois Monogatari 1998. In 2005 he created the track Madness alongside Hiroko Shigezumi for the Square Enix game Heavy Metal Thunder.