Seiji Mizushima

水島精二, ミズシマセイヂ
Birth:Jan 28, 1966
Years active:1989-Present
Home town:Fuchu, Tokyo, Japan
Twitter Website Wiki jp Wiki en After graduating from Tokyo Designers Gakuin College Mizushima joined Tokyo Animation Film While doing photography work at the beginning of his career he studied under director of photography Masahiro Kumagai He later went to work for Sunrise as a production assistant aiming to become a fullfledged director. Mizushima debuted as an episode director in 1993 on Kouryuu Densetsu Villgust aiding the director of the OVA Katsuhiko Nishijima In 1998 he made his proper directorial debut with Generator Gawl He has since gone on to direct numerous shows among which Shaman King Fullmetal Alchemist and Oh Edo Rocket He often cites Hideaki Anno as an anime director that he respects. Seiichi Kinoshita from Shirobako is allegedly based of him.