Noboru Ishiguro

Birth:Aug 24, 1938
Death:Mar 20, 2012
Years active:1964-2012
Hometown:Tokyo, Japan
Wiki en Wiki jp Noboru Ishiguro was noteworthy for directing classic anime series like Macross Orguss and Legend of the Galactic Heroes He was in a Hawaiianstyle music band in his youth. Therefore he is known as an animation director who can actually read musical scores and has made the best use of his previous experience for works such as Macross: Do You Remember Love? and Legend of the Galactic Heroes. He entered Nihon University in the Department of Art and graduated in 1964. He joined Onishi Pro where he first worked as a key animator on subcontracted Astro Boy episodes. In 1978 he founded Artland for which he served as an executive director until he passed away in 2012.