Mitsuo Iso

磯光雄, Mikio Odagawa (小田川幹雄), Hideo Nieta (贄田秀雄)
Years active:1985-Present
Home town:Aichi prefecture, Japan
Twitter Wiki jp Wiki en Mitsuo Iso is a pioneer in the field of realist animation and then digital processing. Debuted uncredited as an inbetweneer on Zeta Gundam He made his initial splash in Gundam 0080: War in the Pocket and continued to develop his approach to animation which he calls full limited which eliminated the posetopose feel of conventional keyframe animation. His characteristic animation can be seen in Ghost in the Shell and End of Evangelion In Blood: The Last Vampire Iso experimented with digital processing of his handdrawn fire effects elevating it to uncanny realism. Iso then got his first taste of directing in RahXephon episode 15 which he largely animated and also digitally processed himself. His animation sensibilities process innovations experience in multiple levels of anime production and interest in technology culminated in the 2007 scifi series Dennou Coil his veritable brainchild. During its production there was a rumored fallingout with key staff. For the next several years Iso would quietly animate under the pseudonym Mikio Odagawa. Took part as a key animator on Quentin Tarantinos Kill Bill: Vol. 1 in 2003. In 2018 he announced his retirement as an animator to focus exclusively on directing.