KID whose name is an acronym of Kindle Imagine Develop was a Japanbased company specializing in porting and developing bishjo games. KID was founded in 1988 with the capital worth 160 million yen. In the early 1990s it served primarily as a contract developer. Notable titles from this era include Burai Fighter Low G Man G.I. Joe Isolated Warrior and Recca. In 1997 it began porting PC games on to video consoles. In 1999 it released its original title called Memories Off on PlayStation which later became its first wellknown series. In 2000 it released another original title called Infinity which became the second wellknown series. This game was later renamed Never7 the end of infinity and Infinity became the series name. It has also created the popular underground PlayStation game Board Game Top Shop. In 2005 KID became the sponsor for the Japanese drama series Densha Otoko. According to Mainichi Shinbun the company has declared bankruptcy in 2006. However in February 2007 it was announced that KIDs intellectual properties had been acquired by the corporation Cyber Front and thus all unfinished projects will be continued under the latter.