Joe Hisaishi

久石譲, Mamoru Fujisawa (藤澤守), Quincy (クインシー)
Birth:Dec 6, 1950
Years active:1974-Present
Hometown:Nakano, Nagano Prefecture, Japan
Blood Type:B
Website Youtube Twitter Instagram Mamoru Fujisawa known professionally as Joe Hisaishi is a Japanese composer and musical director known for over 100 film scores and solo albums dating back to 1981. He has been associated with filmmaker Hayao Miyazaki since 1984 having composed scores for all but one of his films. Hisaishi is also widely known for his piano scores. While possessing a stylistically distinct sound Hisaishis music has been known to explore and incorporate different genres including minimalist experimental electronic European classical and Japanese classical. Lesser known are the other musical roles he plays he is also a typesetter author arranger and conductor. Hisaishi was a student of composer Takeo Watanabe Hisaishi started learning violin in the Violin School Suzuki Shinichi at the age of four he found his passion in music. At the same age he also began watching 300 movies a year with his father which influenced his career. Realizing his love he attended the Kunitachi College of Music in 1969 to major in music composition. Hisaishi collaborated with minimalist artists as a typesetter furthering his experience in the musical world. He enjoyed his first success of the business in 1974 when he composed music for the anime series called Gyatoruzu This and other early works were created under his given name. He presented his first public performance in the mid 70s spreading his name around his community. In 1983 Hisaishi was recommended to create an image album for Nausica of the Valley of the Wind Hisaishi and the director of the animated film Hayao Miyazaki became great friends and would work together on many future projects. In 1985 he founded his own recording studiothe wonder station. Their collaboration has invited comparisons to the collaborations of Steven Spielberg and John Williams. This big break led to Hisaishis overwhelming success as a composer of film scores. In 1986 Laputa: Castle in the Sky would be the first feature to appear under the Studio Ghibli banner and its gentle faintly melancholic tone would become a familiar trademark of much of the studios later output. As Hisaishi strengthened his reputation as one of the budding anime industrys top musical contributors his compositions would proceed to become some of the very hallmarks of early anime in the 80s and 90s. Hisaishi formulated an alias inspired by Quincy Jones an AfricanAmerican musician and producer. Retranscribed in Japanese Quincy Jones became Joe Hisaishi. Quincy pronounced Kuinsh in Japanese can be written using the same kanji in Hisaishi Joe comes from Jones. Source: Wikipedia