Kojirou Shishido

幸次郎 宍戸

Born in Tokyo 1983. Works include"undercurrent"(2001), "KAGAMI NO GENON"(2005), and "nakedyouth"(2006). "KAGAMI NO GENON" won the Excellence Prize in the 10th CG-ARTS Student CG Contest. "nakedyouth" won the best award in Tohoku University of Art & Design graduation exhibit, Selection in 5th Norwich International Animation Festival, Grand Prize in the 12th CG-ARTS Student CG Contest, Recommended Work in 10th Japan Media Arts Festival, Visual Prize in 19th DoGA CG Animation Contest. Screening at the 16th Tokyo International Lesbian and Gay Film Festival. And other works, music composed by animation Hikaru Yamakawa's "TOPE CON GIRO" and "OH HISSE". "OH HISSE" is screening at SIGGRAPH 2006 Animation Theater.