Yutaka Yamamoto

山本寛, 辛矢凡, Bon Karaya
Twitterhttps://twitter.com/twilightyutaka/ Bloghttps://ameblo.jp/kanku0901 Yutaka Yamamoto is a director screenwriter lyricist and storyboard artist. He was born in Osaka Prefecture Japan. After graduating from the Department of Literature at Kyoto University he began working for Kyoto Animation. During his time at Kyoto University he belonged to the local animation club and was responsible for producing the independent Tokusatsu film Onnensentai Ressentiment in 1997 a homage to Anno Hideakis Aikoku Sentai Dai Nippon and partly an allegory on the ideas presented in Neon Genesis Evangelion. When at Kyoto Animation he was working at Animation Do the Osaka branch of the studio. His first work was on the interactive story video game Dancing Blade and its sequel Dancing Blade 2 Tears of Eden. Generator Gawl and Power Stone were the first anime series he worked on. He gained wide recognition with the visual dancing openings for Suzumiya Haruhi no Yuuutsu and Lucky Star. Lucky Star was also his debut as director however after only four episodes he was replaced as director because he was not ready yet. Following his leave in June 23 2007 he became a freelancer and shortly after established an own animation studio Ordet together with several former coworkers from Kyoto Animation/Animation Do including Matsuo Yuusuke and Kadowaki Satoshi. The studio being relatively small worked closely with Hal Film Maker and A1 Pictures and produced episodes for Sketchbook: Full Colors Persona trinity soul Kemeko Deluxe and Kannagi. Moreover Yamamoto became the director for Kannagi marking his first full series as a director. Karaya Bon is a pen name of Yamamoto Yutaka that he often uses when writing lyrics. Source: AniDB