ONMYO-ZA has male and female vocalists fronting the band. Their song lyrics, characterized by classical Japanese words and expressions, reinforce the traditional Japanese cultural image the band projects. Concepts of ‘ movement and stillness ‘, ‘darkness and light’, ‘resilience and yielding’, are typically explored in the music. Wearing traditional costumes typical of the Heian Period a thousand years ago, the band produces haunting melodies of great passion and elegance. The music and the image of the band seem curiously mismatched at first, but an exquisite sense of balance effectively harmonizes apparent contradictions. Their music ranges from pop to hard rock. They have made a big impact in the two years since formation, thanks largely to their dynamic concerts. Once seen in concert, fans never seem to tire of ONMYO-ZA. Underlying their own claims to this sort of loyalty from their followers is a natural confidence in their music and performances. The band’s track record provides conclusive proof of their enduring popularity. The band members are all fine musicians in their own right. ONMYO-ZA are kicking off their longest ever nationwide tour of 42 concerts in the autumn of 2004, simultaneously releasing 3 maxi-singles for three consecutive months. With these concerts and releases they are sure to build on their success and go far. from the official Onmyo-za website