Yoshiharu Satou

Birth:May 15, 1958
Satou Yoshiharu is animator animation supervisor and character designer. He was born in Kanagawa Prefecture Japan. After graduating from Kanagawa Technical High School he joined Studio Carpenter before transferring to Nippon Animation where he worked as a longtime animator on the World Masterpiece Theater series. His next station was Ghibli where he once again worked as animator on most of the Studios early works. In 1986 he cofounded Studio 4C. He rejoined Nippon Animation to resume working on the World Masterpiece Theater series until its termination in 1997. He became a freelancer but eventually joined Taito where he worked until March 2009. Due to the restart of the World Masterpiece Theater series he returned to Nippon Animation to work on Konnichiwa Anne. Source: AniDB