TWO-MIX is a Japanese pop group formed in 1995. The members are Minami Takayama (vocals and composer) and Shiina Nagano (synthezier and lyricist). They met in the early 1990s. Takayama, already well-established as a voice actress, was in the indie band RE-X and met Nagano through a friend. Takayama released a solo album in 1992, Endless Communication which Nagano contributed to. They formed a group together Es Connexion and released in an album. In 1995 they formed TWO-MIX. Their style is fast electronic pop. They have been featured in anime such as Gundam Wing and Detective Conan (in which the title character, Conan Edogawa, is voiced by Takayama. They also made a guest appearance in one of the episode in which they were kidnapped and saved by Conan and his friends). In 2007, Takayama and Nagano were joined by Joe Rinoie as an additional singer and composer, changing the group's name to