Hiroyuki Sawano


Born in september 12, 1980
Birth Place: Tokyo
He began practicing piano at an early age, and studied with Nobuchi Tsuboi from age 17 to learn composition and orchestration, etc.
Focusing on music activities such as dramas, animations, movies, etc., he is also energetically working on providing music to artists and arranging..
SawanoHiroyuki [nZk] (Sawano Hiroyuki music), a project focused on vocal music, started in the spring of 2014.

Became famous in 2006 due the soundtrack from live-action drama 'Iryu ~Team Medical Dragon~' Besides actively composing soundtracks for movies and dramas, he has composed for a few animes
Non-anime works: - N's Aoi - Iryu Team Medical Dragon - Iryu 2 - Taiyou no Uta - Tokyo Tower - Maou - Binbou Danshi - 81 diver - My Girl - Massugu na Otoko - Triangle (collaborated) - Boss (collaborated) - Catch a Wave (movie) - Kage hinata ni Saku (movie) - Xenoblade Chronicles X (game)

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