すしお, Toshio Ishizaki (石崎寿夫), Sushio Ishizaki (石崎すしお)
Birth:Nov 5, 1976
Years active:1995-Present
Hometown:Wako, Saitama Prefecture, Japan
Twitter Instagram Wiki jp Ishizaki Toshio better known as Sushio is an animator illustrator and character designer working for Trigger After graduating from Yoyogi Animation Academy he joined Gainax He debuted as an inbetweener in Neon Genesis Evangelion as a key animator on Berserk and as an animation director on Mahoromatic In 2007 he served as a character designer for the first time on Kiss Dum: Engage Planet He was a key staff member at Gainax for a long time but left in 2011 when Hiroyuki Imaishi and others established the anime production company Trigger. There he was given the job of handling the character designs for Kill la Kill the first TV series produced by the newlyfound studio. Specializes in action and effects and his skills attract a lot of attention in the industry. Took part as a key animator on Quentin Tarantinos Kill Bill: Vol. 1 in 2003. Source: Wikipedia