Mario Vilela

Mário Alves Vilela (12 of August of 1923 - 1 of December of 2005) was a Brazilian dubbing. It gave its voice to some characters. The most famous of them without a doubt Its Seu Barriga (Señor Barriga) of seriado the Chaves (El Chavo). Still in the same seriado the Nhonho(Ñoño), the son of Seu Barriga , only that with a distorted voice. It initiated its career in the AIC, making small papers in the series there. In 11 of September of 2003 if it found Frankly with the Mexican actor Edgar Speaking Vivar in the program, of Sônia Abraão, in the SBT. It died of cardiac bankruptcy in 1 of December of 2005, thursday, in São Paulo, after a long fight against diabetes.

Character Voice Roles