Boom Boom Satellites

Website Twitter Facebook Formed: 1990 Disbanded: 2017 Genres: JPOP Electropop Electronica Rock Alternative Rock Punk Rock Post Rock Industrial Rock Digital Rock Big Beat Introduction: Boom Boom Satellites were a Japanese rock band under record label gr8 records 20042017 having previously been under record labels RS Records 1997 and Sony Music Associated Records 19982003. The duo consisted of former vocalist and guitarist Michiyuki Kawashima and bassist and programmer Masayuki Nakano who were active between 19902017. Biography: The bands vocalist and guitarist Michiyuki went through a long battle against a brain tumor which sadly took his life on October 9 2016. The bands last live event was held at Shinkiba Studio Coast on June 18 2017 but even after their last live event Masayuki declared he would continue to bear the bands name. Final Members: Michiyuki Kawashima vocalist guitarist 19902016 Masayuki Nakano bassist programmer 19902017 Source: Wikipedia edited