Kyuuta Sakai

坂井久太, 坂井きゅう太‚ さかいきゅう太, Kumiko Sakai (坂井久美子), Koume Aoi (あおい小梅)
Birth:Jun 11, 1976
Years active:1997-Present
Hometown:Niigata Prefecture, Japan
Blood Type:A
Twitter She joined Magic Bus after having graduated from from Yoyogi Animation Academy. She holds a pencil and colored pencil in the same hand simultaneously which allows her to draw shading immediately after drawing the linework. Her real name is Kumiko Sakai and she is occasionally mistaken for a man due to her pseudonym which she has been credited with since 2000. She is also friends with Seiya Numata and they often participate in the same productions. Theyre both big idol fans and their friendship sparked due to a conversation about Morning Musume a girl group.