Nao Touyama

東山奈央, Nao Toyama, Naobou (奈央ぼう), Touyaman (とーやまん)
Birth:Mar 11, 1992
Years active:2010-Present
Hometown:Tokyo, Japan
Blood Type:A
Height: 152 cm Agency: Intention Artist Profile Official Site Official Club Blog Twitter Instagram YouTube Wiki EN Wiki JP Radio Programs: 20142017 Touyama Naos Dream Theater 2017 Touyama Naos Radio Living Awards: 20190309 Best Supporting Actress Award at the 13th Annual Seiyuu Awards 20190309 Game Award at the 13th Annual Seiyuu Awards Early Life Education She was born in Tokyo on March 11 1992. Her father had spent 9 years abroad and was fluent in English which allowed her to develop fluency in the language. From an early age she had an interest in anime in particular the series Ojamajo Doremi and Sailor Moon. However it was the anime series Fullmetal Alchemist that was the first to inspire her to become a voice actress. At the time she was impressed that the series protagonist Edward Elric was voiced by a female actress Romi Park In junior high school and high school she became part of a chorus club to help her overcome her tone deafness. It was also during this time she decided to pursue a voice acting career as she had interacted with schoolmates who had similar interests. Her parents approved of her decision provided that she pass her university entrance exams. Voice Acting Career While in high school she began attending the Japan Narration Acting Institute. After 3 years of training she passed her audition and joined the agency Arts Vision. At the same time she also passed her entrance exam and began studying at Waseda University. She debuted as a voice actress in 2010 and later that year she played her first main role in the anime series The World God Only Knows. Throughout her 4 years in University she continued to work as a voice actress successfully managing both her work and school responsibilities. She graduated in March 2014 and left Art Vision shortly after on April 1. On May 1 2014 she transferred to the agency Intention and is currently affiliated with them today. Music Career Her music career began when she released songs for The World God Only Knows under her character name Kanon Nakagawa. In 2013 she became part of the music group Rhodanthe which performed theme songs for the Kiniro Mosaic series. After having been cast in 2015 she has also released singles as her Idolmaster character Mizuki Kawashima. In 2016 she voiced a member of the inuniverse music group Walkre which performed songs for the anime series Macross . In 2017 she made her solo debut as a singer on February 1 with the release of her single True Destiny / Chain the World under the Flying Dog label. Later that year her second single Ima Koko / Tsuki ga Kirei was released on May 24 as well as her first album Rainbow on October 25. In 2018 she held her first solo live event at the Nippon Budokan on February 3 and released her third single Tomoshibi no Manima ni on May 30. In 2019 she released her second album Gunjou Infinity on April 3. During the months of August and September she held her first tour live event performing in the cities of Osaka Nagoya and Yokohama as well as cities outside of Japan like Taipei and Shanghai. In 2020 her fourth single Aruite Ikou is set to release on February 5.