Tomoe Tamiyasu

民安 ともえ

Also known as:

  • Tamiyasu Tomoe (たみやす ともえ)
  • Tamiya Tomoe (田宮 トモエ)

Born on January 3.
Hiroshima, Japan.
Blood type: O.

She is a voice actress and singer, generally performing for adult visual novels.
She debuted in 2005 as a voice actress and has been cast for roles in over 200 different Bishoujo Game titles.
In addition to her voice acting work, she has also been active as a singer, releasing six different albums after starting her singing career in 2006.
She's also been selected to narrate for culture broadcasts, and to star on several radio shows, making her well known as a singing, chatting, visual novel voice actress.
She became famous for performing both the role of heroine and protagonist in Key's visual novel Little Busters!, and was also performing as its heroine in the Little Busters! anime adaptation which ran on television in autumn 2012.
She is the vocalist of the band Tamiyasu★Rock.
She never made a distinction by using a penname until 2011. She announced in her blog that she will be using an all-hiragana name from then on for her non-adult roles.

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