Neil Kaplan

Video games: Baten Kaitos Origins - Wiseman Cartoon Network: Punch Time Explosion - Grim EverQuest II: Kingdom of Sky Final Fantasy XIII - Additional Voices Justice League Heroes - Gorilla Grodd Spider-Man: Battle for New York - Norman Osborn/Green Goblin Spider-Man 3: The Game - Kraven the Hunter Conan - Bone Cleaver Ninja Gaiden II - Genshin Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen - Long Haul StarCraft II: Wings of Liberty - Tychus Findlay StarCraft II: Wings of Liberty - Reaper Jaws Unleashed - Cruz Ruddock Live-action roles: Beetleborgs Metallix - Witch Doctor (voice) Power Rangers: Lost Galaxy - Destruxo (voice), Mutantrum (2nd voice) Power Rangers: Lightspeed Rescue - Diabolico, Gold Beaked Monster (voices) Power Rangers: Time Force - Gluto (voice), Recap Narrator (voice, uncredited) Mighty Morphin Power Rangers: The Movie - Oozemen (voice, uncredited)


Character Voice Roles