Makoto Moriwaki

森脇真琴, 大島のぞむ, Nozomu Ooshima
Twitter Moriwaki Makoto is an anime director born in Hokkaido Prefecture Japan. She started working as animator for ShinEi Douga where she later debuted as assistant director on Yakyuukyou no Uta and Ikkyuusan before she became storyboarder and then episode director on the Doraemon television series. In 1982 when another former Shinei director Fukutomi Hiroshi established AnimaruYa she was one of the founding members together with Sanada Yoshinobu and Honda Toshiyuki She stayed at AnimaruYa which is presently known as Ekura Animaru until 2004 before leaving to work as freelancer. Source: aniDB