Hysteric Blue

Hysteric Blue, ヒステリック・ブルー

Hysteric Blue were a Japanese rock band, first formed in 1997, featuring Tama on Vocals, Naoki on Guitar and Takuya on Drums. They released their major label debut in 1998 and were invited to appear on the NHK Kohaku Uta Gassen the following year. In June 2003 it was announced that the band would be taking a short break, but in September of the same year, it was admitted that the band activity had stopped completely after it had been revealed that guitarist Naoki was under trial for several rape and obscenity charges. This caused the band to break up on March 4th 2004, placing a message on their (now defunct) website. After the break-up, Tama reformed The Screaming Frogs. (Source: last.fm)