+Plus is a Japanese pop boy band formed in December 2009 that has been signed to the label, Pony Canyon. The group combines in its pop tunes elements of genres such as hip hop, reggae, and R&B. The band consists of 4 members all of which had already established their careers as actors before joining the band. They want to continue their acting careers besides their musical careers in the band. The members are: MOTO (もと) (from Kanagawa, born on 12 August 1985) Yoshikazu Kotani (小谷 嘉一) (from Tokyo, born on 25 March 1982) Tomoya Nagai (永井 朋弥) (from Aichi, born on 24 November 1986) Takeshi Iwamoto (岩元 健) (from Tokyo, born on 2 July 1980) (Source: Wikipedia)