Satoshi Dezaki

出﨑哲, 出崎哲
Birth:Jun 26, 1940
Years active:1967-Present
Hometown:Tokyo, Japan
After graduating from high school Dezaki took a position at Toshiba while studying in the department of literature at Hosei University. While doing both of these he continued to work on his dream job of working on movie production. He acted as the coach for the ninemember volleyball team at Toshiba. Dezaki also began pulling together an anime production team. Dezaki resigned after working for seven years at Toshiba leaving Hosei University in the middle of a term as well. He began working for Gisaburou Sugiis company Art Fresh working alongside his younger brother Osamu His first works included writing the script for Attack No.1 and storyboarding Kyojin no Hoshi In 1969 Dezaki became a freelancer doing scripting production and direction work for Tokyo Movie Shinsha Tatsunoko Production and Sunrise In 1977 he founded Magic Bus and produced and animated Shin Kyojin no Hoshi He is the older brother of Osamu Dezaki and the husband of Setsuko Shibuichi