Shouichi Taguchi

Birth:Oct 13, 1988
Years active:2009-Present
Spouse: Annabel December 31 2018 Website Twitter Instagram Pixiv YouTube Shouichi Taguchi YouTube Sentimental Vector Introduction: Shouichi Taguchi is a Japanese mangaka illustrator vocalist composer arranger music producer and member of the doujin circle SentimentalVector. He debuted in 2009 as a manga artist and made his major debut as a musician in 2012 with the album Sheerlore under the group SentimentalVector. Taguchi currently releases music under his own name as well as under the group SentimentalVector. He tends to work with the artist Annabel and her band siraph but he has also worked with other musical artists such as Jin sasakure.UK and school food punishment Biography: During his time in the band Sentimental Vector he at one point made several guest vocal appearance in the Kagerou Project. He appeared in the song Kagerou Daze as a solo performer and in the song Toumei Answer alongside the singer Annabel. Both songs were released in a collection of vocal guest appearances titled MEKAKUCITY Ms: MEKAKUCITY ACTORS VOCAL SOUND COLLECTION as a part of the soundtrack for the anime Mekakucity Actors however only the song Kagerou Daze was used in the show and aired as an insert song in the fourth episode. The songs lyrics composition and arrangement were all done by Jin also known as Shizen no Teki P. On July 1st 2020 after 4 years since releasing his last album Taguchi released a new album titled in other colors featuring various music producers including Jin aka Shizen no TekiP sasakure.UK the band siraph bermei.Inazawa Myu LASTorder and Bassy. The album featured new original songs by Shouichi Taguchi and other rearranged versions of his older songs.