Years active:2009-2022
OLDCODEX was a Japanese rock band from Tokyo Japan formed in 2009. On August 4 2021 Ta2 announced he was going on hiatus with Oldcodex subsequently pausing their activities as well. On December 27 2021 it was announced that Oldcodex was set to disband following the release of the theme song for the upcoming Free movie on the original soundtrack album which is scheduled for April 2022. They officially disbanded on May 31 2022. Members: Vocal: Ta2 Tatsuhisa Suzukihttps://anilist.co/staff/95735 Painter Lyrics: YORKE Drums: Ryo Yamagata Bass Guitar: Taizo Nakamura Guitar: Shinji Oomura In February 15 2010 YoHsKE and sae left the band. In November 1 2010 YORKE. who is responsible for the artworks became an official member. In October 15 2012 RONhttps://anilist.co/staff/106037/RyuutaIida left the band.