Kishida Kyoudan & The Akeboshi Rockets

岸田教団&The明星ロケッツ, Kishida Kyoudan, kishidakyoudan, 岸田教団
Website Website Warner Bros Japan Twitter Facebook YouTube Instagram Spotify Spotify kishidakyoudan Formed: 2004 Introduction: Kishida Kyoudan The Akeboshi Rockets is a Japanese rock band under record label Warner Bros Home Entertainment 2013 having previously been under Geneon Universal 20102011. The band initially formed as a oneman unit under the name Kishida Kyoudan stylized as kishidakyoudan in 2004. The band made its independent debut in 2005 with the album SUPERNOVA while still continuing to release the next four albums under the name Kishida Kyoudan before changing their name to Kishida Kyoudan The Akeboshi Rockets in 2007. Biography: The band began in 2004 as a oneman unit consisting of the musician Kishida who dedicated his time to cover songs from various series. One prominent series which he covered a lot was the Touhou Project in addition to other video games by Japanese visual novel studio Key He would then in 2005 release a CD featuring original songs and covers of various songs from the TypeMoon games and the Touhou Project which he featured for sale at the Winter Comiket in the same year. In 2007 Kishida received a request to perform at the Touhou live event Flowering Night he accepted and gathered various members regardless of personality or experience to form the unit Kishida Kyoudan The Akeboshi Rockets. They originally planned to disband after performing at the event but due to unexpected feedback from the audience they decided to continue as a band. Later in the same year the vocalist ichigo also joined the band. The band made their major debut in July 2010 through NBCUniversal Entertainment who at the time were known as Geneon Universal performing the single titled HIGHSCHOOL OF THE DEAD in the anime with the same name HIGHSCHOOL OF THE DEAD The full single was released a month later on August 18 2010 which was their first single release as Kishida Kyoudan The Akeboshi Rockets which was a whole three years after officially starting band activities. Additionally their first album titled POPSENSE was released a year later on June 22 2011 spanning a total of eleven tracks. Skipping three years ahead to 2013 the band would make its reappearance in anime performing the single titled STRIKE THE BLOOD to the show with the same name STRIKE THE BLOOD while on December 24 2014 they would release their second album titled hack/SLASH which also spanned a total of eleven tracks. In 2015 on July 5 and in the following year 2016 on January 9 the band would make two consecutive appearances in the anime GATE and its sequel GATE II performing the singles GATE Sore wa Akatsuki no You ni and GATE II Sekai o Koete. The full versions of the singles released on July 29 2015 and on January 27 2016 respectively. They would in addition go on to make two more appearances in anime in 2016 with the first one being in Alderamin on the Sky on July 9 performing the single Tenkyou no Alderamin and on November 23 performing the single BLOOD ON THE EDGE in the show Strike the Blood II Members: Kishida bassist guitarist incharge of lyrics composition and arrangement ichigo vocalist Hayapi lead guitarist Micchan drummer