Romanov Higa

ロマのフ比嘉, 比嘉一博, Kazuhiro Higa
Years active:1997-Present
Hometown:Wakayama, Japan
Twitter Hatena Blog Pixiv note Romanov Higa born Kazuhiro Higa is one of the leading 3DCG animation artists in Japan. He graduated The University of ElectroCommunications in Tokyo Japan in 1996. In 1997 his work ONE DAY SOME GIRL won the Grand Prix at the 9th Amateur CG Animation Contest organized by Project Team DoGA. In 1999 he joined video game publisher Namco but left only a few years later in 2001. He then started working freelance mostly working on his own original movies. In recent years his work has mostly been either storyboarding or within the art department of video games and have notably been working on several titles in the Pokmon franchise. NonAnime work: