Humming Bird

In the 1980s Yoshiki Fukuyama and Toshiyuki Furuya along with several other friends formed the band Maps. By 1988 Maps had evolved into the band Humming Bird for which Fukuyama is often remembered. Initially Humming Bird had only two official members: Yoshiki Fukuyama on guitar and vocals and Toshiyuki Furuya on bass and vocals. Various friends also played. The final band roster was set in 1992 with the official addition of Shoichiro Aso on drums. Humming Bird enjoyed moderate success having released nine albums before disbanding in May 2000. Humming Bird played a blend of rock and folk with roots in the hard rock and roll of the 1960s to 1980s such as Queen The Beatles and The Eagles. They are often considered the real life equivalent to the fictional band Fire Bomber that was made famous in the anime Macross 7. Most of the time the work was merely credited to Fire Bomber although Fukuyamas name does appear in the songwriting credits of several songs. Both Fukuyama and Humming Bird are both listed in the Thank You section of all the Fire Bomber album credits. Humming Bird has also covered some Fire Bomber songs e.g. My Soul For You Dynamite Explosion which appear on their albums. Source: