Yousuke Kaneda

Birth:Oct 17
Years active:2010-Present
Hometown:Mie Prefecture, Japan
Yousuke is a manga artist best known as the author of Boarding School Juliet He graduated from Osaka University of Arts in the Character Art and Design department. Later he started working as an assistant to Shizumu Watanabe before starting on his own manga Seiten High School IdolBu During this time he would use scenes from works such as Suzumiya Haruhi to practice his drawing by analyzing them and drawing them from different angles. In 2010 Yousuke received an honorable mention with his oneshot work Iceberg in Weekly Shonen Jumps 84th Newcomer Award. Yousukes first child was born on August 18 2020. On August 25 2020 he announced on social media that he had become a father. Website Twitter Pixiv