Shuka Saitou


Shuka Saito was born on August 16, 1996 in Saitama Prefecture, Japan. Her nickname is "Shukashuu (SKS)." She voices You Watanabe in Love Live! Sunshine!!.
Her favorite foods include fruits, hamburgers, and melon bread.
Her favorite season is the transition from summer to autumn, as the air gets progressively colder.
Between the sea and the mountains, she would prefer the sea as she likes the feeling of sand beneath her feet.
She learned how to play trumpet and cornet from 4th to 6th grade (age 9-12).
Her favorite memory of high school is the cultural festival in her third year, where she did Halloween-themed makeup and danced.
She has a bit of a complex about her height, claiming multiple times both on Twitter and during live events that the 0.5cm in 150.5cm is very important to her.
Her favorite part of the "Kimi no Kokoro wa Kagayaiteru kai?" PV is You's vaulting portion.
She is the youngest in the group.


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