Hiroki Hayashi

林宏樹, Pixel
Birth:Feb 22, 1962
Hometown:Yamaguchi Prefecture, Japan
Hayashi Hiroki is a director screenwriter and creator affiliated with noted animation studio AIC. He started in the animation industry as an animator for classic titles such as Thundercats and Silverhawks then later moved on to direct anime classics including Bubblegum Crisis OVA 4 Gall Force 2 Sol Bianca 1 and 2 which he was also the creator of. His real break came when he worked with Kajishima Masaki as cocreator and director on Tenchi Muyo for Pioneer LDC Japan. Hayashi also provided lead direction for a show which he worked on before in a slightly different incarnation Bubblegum Crisis: Tokyo 2040. Since the success of Tenchi Muyo Hayashi has continued to create titles such as El Hazard: the Magnificent World Battle Athletes and Black Heaven. In 2001 he was working on Mahou Yuugi Magical Witchland a series entirely comprised of 3D computer rendered animation. Source: AniDB