Risa Ebata

江端里沙, 愛姫みかん, 彩珠子, 小娘
Date of Birth: ?? ?? 1978 Aliases: Komusume Mikan Ehime Tamako Sai Ebata Risa is a Japanese character designer illustrator animator and animation director. After graduating high school she joined eroge/bishoujo company Sognahttps://anidb.net/creator/40371 under Nakamura Kenichirouhttps://anidb.net/creator/10227 the studio was well known for its animated games before it was shut down in 2003 after going bankrupt in 2000. Risa debuted as an inbetween animator on Viper BTR and was subsequently promoted to an animator and a character designer for the following games. Although at first she wasnt given credit for her work in the company. Following the bankruptcy of company Sogna she transferred to Oobari Masamis newly established studio G1 Neohttps://anidb.net/creator/853 where she worked as a character designer on Gravion Zweihttps://anilist.co/anime/1149/ChoujuushinGravionZwei as well as on several rated 18+ productions. Starting from 2007 she changed from using a pseudonym to her real name and started participating in nonero productions.