Shinji Otsuka


The epitome of the versatile animator capable of adapting to any anime to do outstanding work in that style. Otsuka's animation is professional but always full of personality and a special verve. He is one of the pillars of Ghibli's animation. Not confined to the Ghibli style, he has always searched for new means of expression, having done everything from the photorealistic to the cartoonish. The wonderful feeling of weight in the movement of Toshio running around the train station in Omohide Poroporo, the delightful bodyguards in The Cat Returns, the little robot coming out of the water in FLCL #6 - all of these are quintissential Otsuka. None other than the animation director of Tokyo Godfathers has conceded that the film was originally conceived as a project to showcase Otsuka's talents, in the same way Genma Taisen was a vehicle for Kanada Yoshinori. Most of Otsuka's scenes in the film were drawn entirely by himself, with no inbetweens, and his cuts, which were the first finished, had a determining influence on the direction of the animation by the rest of the animators in the same way the dorayaki/banana scene by Hashimoto Shinji had on the animation in Yamada-kun.


Date of birth: 1955-06-28