Aina Aiba

相羽あいな, Yuuki Harima,AiAi

Birthday: October 17, 1988
Blood type: O

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Aina was born in Hokkaido, but raised in Osaka. Before becoming a seiyuu, she was a professional wrestler under the name "Yuuki Harima" for about 2 years, and also worked as a stage actress. She debuted in voice acting by providing the voice of Tokoha Anjou in Cardfight!! Vanguard G: Next, replacing Nitta Emi. Aina made her professional singer debut from Bushiroad Music in November 2016 with her 1st single "Yume no Hikari Kimi no Mirai", which was used as the ending theme for Future Card Buddyfight DDD. She is now the lead singer for the band Roselia as part of the BanG Dream franchise, as Yukina Minato.

Aina's skills includes dancing and singing, and one of her hobbies is looking after race horses. She also loves singing karaoke and one of her favorite songs to sing is "only my railgun." Aina is energetic, jokes around a lot, and has a hard time staying in-character, even during challenges.

(Source: BanG Dream! Wikia, edited)


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