Websitehttps://www.ziyoouvachi.com/index.html Twitterhttps://twitter.com/qbannounce Spotifyhttps://open.spotify.com/artist/6whFEcaV75AmQMiwlfaxvc?si=IoALD6HSOWY5uBwwcQ1QQ Formed: March 31 2009 Genre: Fashion punk Introduction: Ziyoouvachi otherwise internationally known as Queen Bee stylized as QUEEN BEE is a Japanese fourpiece band under record labels Ziyoou Record 2011 and Sony Music Associated Records 2011. The band first made headlines when they were chosen to play on the extremely selective ROOKIE A GOGO stage at Japans largest outdoor music festival FUJI ROCK FESTIVAL. Singing in both low and high pitch the extremely unique main vocal along with the bands creative and eccentric performance made them the talk of the music scene before they were even debuted. Biography: The band signed with the major record label Sony Music Associated Records in 2011 by releasing their first debut album Peacock. They successfully drew attention to the music industry when their song DESCO was used as the theme song for Moteki a highly rated movie in Japan. The band was also cast in the movie and had made their first appearance on the big screen. In 2012 the band released their 2nd album Snake Princess. Since then they have become active regulars at Japans major festivals including repeated appearances at FUJI ROCK FESTIVAL Summer Sonic and many more. In 2013 the band went into a brief hiatus due to the departure of the guitarist because of health issue. The band came back in 2014 and released a full new album Kirei. In 2016 main vocal AVU started a side project Gokumontoikka and released a smash hit split single Kinsei/Shibou Yugi. Summer of 2016 the band performed overseas for the first time at World Music Day Festival in Paris. After releasing their 5th album Q in April 2017 the band kicked off to a soldout national tour that included 15 shows. Later that year the band performed in the musical production of ROCKY HORROR SHOW Jap ver. featuring AVU as one of the main cast. In 2018 QUEEN BEE released a new single HALF which is the theme song of the highly anticipated anime Tokyo Ghoulre that was premiered in Spring 2018. In 2019 they released a new single Fire which is the theme song for the anime Dororo created by Osamu Tezuka that was premiered in January 2019. In March the band made their first appearance at one of the most famous music festival in Taiwan MEGAPORT FESTVIAL 2019. It was full house despite their first performance in Taiwan. In May the band released a brand new full album Ten. The lead track of the album Holy war is the theme song for the move Sadako and Introduction is the theme song for the liveaction movie Tokyo GhoulS. Celebrating the bands 10 year anniversary QUEEN BEE will be kicking off a national tour with approximately 20000 fans. In August main vocal AVU was cast in the Japanese Broadway Musical HEDWIG AND THE ANGRY INCH as Yitzhak. Members: Avuchanhttps://anilist.co/staff/124946/Avuchan otherwise known under her full pseudonym as Avu Barazono lead vocalist 2009 Yashichan otherwise known under the full pseudonym as Yashi Akatorii bass guitarist 2009 Rurichan otherwise known under the full pseudonym as Ruri Nijigamine drummer 2009 Hibarikun lead guitarist 2015 Former Members: Yuukichan lead guitarist 2009 Gigichan otherwise known under the full pseudonym Gigi Yurijou lead guitarist 20092012 All band members are known to use psudonyms instead of their real names as such not much information is known about their real identity Source: Ziyoouvachis Official Websitehttps://www.ziyoouvachi.com/about/indexe.html edited