ブルー・エンカウント, BLUEN, ブルエン
Website Twitter Instagram YouTube Formed: 2004 Genres: Rock Mixture Rock Indie Rock Emo Introduction: Blue Encount stylized as BLUE ENCOUNT alternatively known under the abbreviation BLUEN is a Japanese fourpiece rock band under record label Ki/oon Records 2014 who have previously been under record label Mio 20132014 Biography: In 2003 Shunichi Yuuya and Yoshihide met at a vocational school in the Kumamoto Prefecture where they would later in 2004 form the band Blue Encount. The bands name derives from a jinx that says bands with a color in their name sells as well as a movie that the vocalist Shunichi saw at a rental shop titled Blue Encounter. In 2006 at the TEENS MUSIC FESTIVAL which was sponsored by the Yamaha Music Promotion Association and Nippon Broadcasting they participated in the Kyuushuu qualifying round as the Kumamoto Prefecture representative but they did not advance to the national competition. The bassist at the time withdrew from the band to enter university and after graduating from a certain college of technology Yuuya and Yoshihide came to Tokyo and began studying at the Tokyo School of Music College in Shibuya. Yuuta a senior at a vocational school participated as a support member at the time. In 2008 the band participated in Yamahas The 2nd Music Revolution JAPAN FINAL as a representative of Tokyo FINAL. This is also when Yuuta officially decided to join the band. In 2010 the band released their first mini album titled The Beginning of the Beginning. The response on the album were not as expected and the members of the band instead called it The Dark Ages. After that they went on a split tour with the bands ircle and SUPER BEAVER and said that occasional advice from both of the bands was a large help to escape the dark age as they called it. On April 11 2012 the 2nd mini album HALO EFFECT was released. The title song HALO has helped increase the number of YouTube views and the number of live shows started piling in for them as a band. On November 2013 they released a split album titled BONEDS with the bands MY FIRST STORY AIR SWELL and SWANKY DANK On September 10 2014 they made a major debut under Ki/oon Music with their EP titled TIMELESS ROOKIE this is also when they left their previous record label titled Mio. On October 9 2016 the band made had their first oneman live show held at the Nippon Budokan. The tickets sold out the same day and had 11.000 people pending for the show. In addition during this live performance they directy spoke with the producer of the Japanese television drama THE LaST COP/ and was then scheduled to perform the theme song for the show. The drama first broadcasted on the October 29 which is when they made their first appearance in a serial TV drama as a unit. Members: Shunichi Tanabe vocalist guitarist and incharge of lyrics and composition 2004 Yuuya Eguchi guitarist 2004 Yuuta Tsujimura bassist 20062008 as a support member 2008 as an official member Yoshihide Takamura drummer 2004 Source: Wikipedia BLUE ENCOUNT edited