Atsuko Tanaka

田中敦子, Akiko Hasegawa (長谷川明子), Eiko Tagawa (田川英子)
Birth:May 10, 1957
Years active:1977-Present
A veteran animator particularly wellknown for her work in Studio Ghibli films. She began her career at ShinEi before joining the newly established Telecom where she ended up as one of the studios leading animators on the Lupin III series. Having ended up working with Hayao Miyazaki on multiple occasions it was quite natural for her to find herself in Ghiblis films. She has worked as a key animator on every Miyazaki film except for Nausicaa and Laputa She excels in everything related to action such as explosions sword fights car chases and crowd shots. Yasuo Ootsuka said that Tanaka was born to animate and Satoru Utsunomiya admits to being outshined by her work. Note: Not to be confused with either the voice actress or the production manager by the same name.