Websitehttps://mflo.com/pages/biography?ls=enUS Formed: 1997 Genres: Hip hop Jazz Nu Jazz Lounge Techno House Biography: mflo is a Japanese threepiece hiphop group under record label Rhythm Zone they were originally classmates since elementary school VERBAL and Taku Takahashi formed the group. Shortly after LISA joined as the vocalist and the three of them officially debuted as mflo. Members: Takuhttps://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/TakuTakahashi otherwise known as Taku Takahashi DJ incharge of track making while also incharge of rap in some songs 1997 Verbalhttps://shorturl.at/dlLT0 otherwise known as Ryu Young Gi MC incharge of rap and lyrics 1997 Lisahttps://shorturl.at/bfnyW otherwise known as Elizabeth Sakura Narita vocalist 19972002 2017