花たん, YURiCa, KOHANA, アホの花田

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Hanatan, or alternatively known as YURiCa and KOHANA is a utaite who is known for her beautiful voice with amazing vocal range and vibrato. She often covers duets with Pokota, and cover songs for Kikuo.

Hanatan is known for her ability, versatility, and portrayal of emotions. From candy pop to hard rock, ballads to dance remixes, Hanatan does not shy away from any type of song and varies her voice accordingly. For example, in her version of "Jishou Mushoku", she sings in a very high and careful voice, yet in her cover of "Ao", she sings in a rock style with a plethora of strength.

Her most viewed cover is "Romeo and Cinderella", with over 11 million combined views (YouTube + NicoNico), as of the 8th of October 2019.

Hanatan has released several collaboration albums with various producers through her time, some of them are released under the alias YURiCa (ユリカ), while also releasing other singles for games, Touhou arrangements, and other VOCALOID composers. She has also collaborated with Wotamin, Prico, ChouCho and Korosuke to provide vocals for DANCEROID covers. She also sang several openings of visual novels.


  • Member of Cordelia (Doujin circle)
  • Member of MyEuphoric (Doujin circle)
  • Member of Jealousy project

(Source: utaite.fandom.com)