Introduction From May 25th to June 19th 2011 Supercell held an audition to find two new guest singers for their group. From over 2000 candidates Chelly 17 and Koeda 15 were selected to be supercells new singers. She is a good friend of Koeda the other guest singer. Chelly has a soft unique and a well balanced voice. It has been noted that Chelly loves to draw. And no one publicly knows what the singer actually look like. She was born on 12 April 1994. Biography As one of two new guest singers of Supercell Chelly was assigned to provide vocals for the singing voice of Yuzuriha Inori who is the vocalist of a fictional band named EGOIST and the female lead of the anime Guilty Crown. Her first two singles were featured as a part of the anime. Departures Anata ni okuru ai no uta was used as the ending theme of the first half of Guilty Crown while The Everlasting Guilty Crown was the opening for the second half of the show. Euterpe became an insert song that serves as the signature song of the fictional band. With the rising popularity of Chellys vocal appearance in Guilty Crown the band EGOIST continued to exist in the real world even after the anime. The singers face remains a mystery as Chelly retains the persona of Inori. EGOIST got another anime feature in PsychoPass and provided the ending themes to it. Namae no nai Kaibutsu was released as the anime first ending theme and All Alone With You was the second ending theme song. Because of her popularity she was been chosen to perform in AFA Anime Festival Asia Singapore 2013 together with some wellknown artists such as LiSA Aoi Eir Mayn and more. She has released a new single for the AFA Singapore 2013 as EGOIST which is titled Suki To Iwareta Hi . When PsychoPass 2 came into production EGOIST had an appearance once again to create the ending theme Fallen. On the 20 May 2015 Supercell was hired to compose music for the game Bravely Second. Chellys vocals were used this time however as a featuring artist of Supercell instead of EGOIST. She sung Great Distance which was used as the opening theme and Last Song for the ending theme. Chelly returns as EGOIST with the production of the single RELOADED which features three songs as themes for three different movies. In 2016 EGOIST were featured in the anime Koutetsujou no Kabaneri with the opening theme Koutetsujou no Kabaneri and the ending theme ninelie in collaboration with the artist Aimer. In 2017 she released a single titled Eiyuu Unmei no Uta under EGOIST which was featured as the first opening theme for the anime Fate/Apocrypha. Sources: anidb