Lauren Kaori


Birthplace: Tokyo, Japan
Hometown: New York City, New York, USA
Residency: Tokyo, Japan

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Lauren Kaori (ローレン・カオリ) is a Japanese-American born singer-songwriter, topliner, composer and lyricist. She is a #1 ranking Oricon and iTunes songwriter. She's written songs for Korean and Japanese artists like 2PM, AAA (Attack All Around), E-girls, MAMAMOO, Twice) and more. Lauren has also sung as a back-up for gospel artists like Anthony Evans), Linda McCrary Fisher and Tommy Walker). She is affiliated with the creator unit obelisk

Lauren grew up with church music from an early age. After graduating from high school, she majored in music production at New York City University. In the United States, she performed with many gospel singers in churches, as she favors this genre of music. She has worked as a translator for the world famous Hillsong Church, translating the Grammy award-winning song "What A Beautiful Name It Is", and otherwise known for translating many other Gospel and Worship songs.

She currently resides in Japan while occupying herself with many various activities such as chorus and narration, where she has a focus on composition, lyrics and songs. She is passionate about investing in the next generation through music as well as production and performance.


  • TWICE -「Pink Lemonade」(Lyrics, Composition)「STAY BY MY SIDE」(Lyrics)
  • MAMAMOO -「You Don’t Know Me」「Sleep Talk」(Lyrics, Composition)
  • E-girls -「Move It!-Dream&E-girls TIME」(Lyrics, Composition),「Dance Dance Dance」(Lyrics),「Boom Boom Christmas」(Composition)「Express-Do Your Dance-」(Lyrics, Composition)
  • Dream Ami -「はやく逢いたい」「はやく逢いたい(Acoustic version)」(Composition)
  • ジャニーズWEST -「Ya!Hot!Hot!」(Lyrics)
  • AAA -「MAGIC」(Composition)
  • 藍井エイル -「アイリス」(Composition)
  • 沼倉愛美 -「What you want」(Lyrics, Composition)
  • U-KISS -「Stop Sign」(Lyrics, Composition)
  • NICHKHUN(From 2PM) -「Umbrella」(Lyrics)

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