Teruhiko Kobashi

小橋照彦, TERU
Twitter Date of Birth: June 8 1971 Birthplace: Hakodate Hokkaidou Prefecture Japan Blood type: O Biography Teruhiko Kobashi also known by his stage name Teru stylized as TERU is the vocalist of Japanese rock band GLAY. He married singer Oonuki Ami from pop group Puffy in April 2002 and she gave birth to their daughter in March 2003. He has other two children a boy and a girl from a previous marriage. Besides singing Teru is also an artist. He does some design to GLAYs products and some nonGLAY related campaigns. Hes also worked as a narrator for the animated movie Highway Jenny in 2006. As a child he used to play soccer and baseball and believed he could became an athlete. However as a teenager he became interested in music and started to play the drums. Teru has been involved in several humanitarian campaigns as the White Band and the Red Ribbon Live. In 2007 and 2008 Teru starred an AC CM to show people of having the blood tested for HIV awareness. Source: en.wikipedia.org