Years active:2001-Present
Website Twitter Facebook Instagram YouTube Wiki jp Introduction CreepHyp is a fourpiece Japanese rock band under the record label UNIVERSAL SIGMA 2014 having previously been under label Better Getting 20122014. Members Taku Koizumi drummer Koizumi Taku is the oldest member of the band. He started playing drums in elementary school and he lives with a cat. Kaonashi Hasegawa bassist Hasegawa Kaonashi was at the time of debut encouraged to work with his real name instead of a stage name but he was particularly insistent on using the name Kaonashi. The surname Hasegawa is not his real name it is instead characterized with a unique hairstyle. He lives with his pet turtle named Oshiri . Ozaki Sekaikan vocalist guitarist Seikaikan Ozaki born in Katsushikaku Tokyo. He got the nickname world view Sekaikan from the initial members of the band because he stated that my view of the world is good hence the nickname. Previously he worked under his real name Ozaki Yusuke. In 2016 he released a semiautobiographical novel titled Yusuke under the publisher Bungei this was his debut as a novelist. His hobby is ego searching he loves to wear beach sandals and he is an enthusiastic yakult fan. Yuuki Ogawa guitarist Ogawa Yuuki describes himself as a stylish lady wearing a strawhat with distinctive eyes and a beard that has sparkled the world since his debut. Nicknamed Ai by member Sekaiken Ozaki. Former Members Yusaku Nishida left in 2008 Kazuki Mishiro left in 2008 alongside Yusaku Nishida Noriyuki Ooshiro retirement described in minialbum Negai Adachi retirement documented on the back of a cassette tape bassist Ichikawa similar to Adachi retirement was documented on the back of a cassette tape drummer Source: Wikipedia