Masaru Satou

Birth:May 29, 1928
Death:Dec 5, 1999
Hometown:Rumoi, Hokkaido, Japan
Wiki jp Wiki en Masaru Satou was a Japanese film score composer. While studying at the National Music Academy Satou came under the influence of Fumio Hayasaka Akira Kurosawa regular composer for his earlier films. He became a pupil of Hayasakas studying film scoring with him at Toho Studios and working on the orchestration of Seven Samurai 1954. When the older composer died suddenly in 1955 Toho assigned Satou to finish the scores for New Tales of the Taira Clan and Record of a Living Being. His first original score was for Godzilla Raids Again in 1955. He wrote the music to all of Kurosawas movies for the next decade including Throne of Blood The Bad Sleep Well Yojimbo Sanjuro and Red Beard. In addition to Mizoguchi and Kurosawa Satou worked with Hideo Gosha. His work in the realm of popular film continued throughout his career composing the scores to Ishirou Hondas Half Human 1955 and The HMan 1958 Senkichi Taniguchis The Lost World of Sinbad 1963 and three Jun Fukudadirected Godzilla films: Ebirah Horror of the Deep 1966 Son of Godzilla 1967 and Godzilla vs. Mechagodzilla 1974. During his 44year association with Toho Studios he wrote more than 300 film scores. He also created the music for such Japanese television series as The Water Margin. He was nominated for Best Music at the 15th Japan Academy Prize. Source: Wikipedia