Kashitarou Itou

伊東歌詞太郎, かしたろういとう, Kashitaro Ito, Ito Kashitaro, weezer, FuwamokoP (ふわもこP), Liliku Kinhara (桐原理々久)
Birth:Jul 25
Years active:2011-Present
Hometown:Tokyo, Japan
Blood Type:A
Websitehttps://www.kashitaro.com/ Twitterhttps://twitter.com/kashitaroito Facebookhttps://www.facebook.com/ItoKashitaroAsia/ YouTubehttps://www..com/user/kashitaro25official Introduction: Kashitarou Itou better known by his alternative romanization as Kashitaro Ito or Ito Kashitaro formerly known as weezer or alternatively known as FuwamokoP and Liliku Kinhara is a Japanese vocalist lyricist composer and member of the twopiece unit ITOWOKASHIhttps://anilist.co/staff/132975/Itowokashi. He is known as a musician who uses a fox mask as his trademark and he is personally under the record label Izanagi Record 2017 having previously been under record label TOYS FACTORY 20142016. Biography: He has been active as a musician since 2011 where he would start posting covers on the platform Nico Nico Douga as an utaite. He would later in 2012 release a selfproduced album titled my little white cat while making his major debut through TOYS FACTORY in 2014. After releasing his second full album which peaked 6th in the weekly Oricon ranking to releasing a CD titled Hoshineko while also performing live at festivals or as a oneman live under TOYS FACTORY between 2014 to 2016 he would on October 4 2017 release his third full album titled Niten Ichiryu while also establishing his own independent record label called Izanagi Record in 2017. He would at the end of January 2018 undergo a surgery for his vocal cord nodules resulting in him going on hiatus until he was able to perform again. He was allowed to talk on March 12 and would later be allowed to sing again on May 11 of the same year. During this time he wrote and published a book titled Home Classroomhttps://www.kadokawa.co.jp/product/321709000163/ which would become his debut work as a writer. From August 31 2019 to October 20 2019 he went on a oneman live tour around Japan. Later from November 2 2019 to November 17 2019 he went on another oneman live tour around Japan as an extension to the previous one. And from December 7 2019 to December 8 2019 he went on a oneman live tour that was held in Chengdu and Guangzhou in China. On May 15 2020http://decadenceanime.com/news.html it was announced that Kashitaro would make an appearance in the anime DecaDencehttps://anilist.co/anime/110353/DecaDence/ performing the ending theme titled Kioku no Hakobunehttps://www..com/watch?v=njWsJZuadU. This would be his first appearance in anime as a solo artist having already appeared in shows like Black Cloverhttps://anilist.co/anime/97940/BlackClover/ God Eaterhttps://anilist.co/anime/110344/GodEaterResoNantokaGekijou/ and Twin Star Exorcistshttps://anilist.co/anime/21499/SouseinoOnmyouji/ alongside Ryou Miyatahttps://anilist.co/staff/180920 as a part of the unit ITOWOKASHIhttps://anilist.co/staff/132975/Itowokashi. He made a comment alongside the news regarding the song and his appearance stating that during the production of the song he received a storyboard that he carefully read through which contributed to his overall feel for the show its characters the development and its story this helped him when writing the lyrics and setting the tone of the song. Trivia: Height: 180.5 cm Favorite Manga: YuuYuuHakushohttps://anilist.co/manga/30053/YuuYuuHakusho/ 3gatsu no Lionhttps://anilist.co/manga/31224/3gatsunoLion/ Favorite Guitar: Gibson J45 Sources: Wikipedia JPhttps://ja.wikipedia.org/wiki/E4BC8AE69DB1E6AD8CE8A99EE5A4AAE9838E edited DecaDences Official Websitehttp://decadenceanime.com/news.html edited