THE YELLOW MONKEY, ザイエローモンキー,イエモン,YeMon
Website Twitter Youtube Facebook Formed in December 1989 with the members Kazuya Yoshii Hideaki Kikuchi Yoichi Hirose and Eiji Kikuchi. Their unique glamorous style which was based on glam rock was extremely popular and they made their major label debut in May 1992. In terms of both live performance attendance and CD sales they were one of the leading Japanese rock bands of the 90s. After a final performance at Tokyo Dome on January 8 2001 they ceased activities. This hiatus period continued until 2004 when they officially disbanded. On January 8 2016 they announced their reformation. They energetically resumed activities starting with a nationwide arena tour that attracted 220000 fans. They went on to participate in festivals nationwide tours and release their first new songs in 15 years. On New Years Eve they appeared on NHKs Kohaku Utagassen for the first time. In May 2017 to commemorate the 25th anniversary of their major label debut they released a newly recorded Best Album. After that they made continuous online releases for 3 months released their documentary film Ototoki which covers their first year of activities since reforming and in December they performed at Tokyo Dome for the first time in 17 years.