Stray Kids

스트레이 키즈, SKZ
Website Twitter Instagram Youtube VLIVE Stray Kids is a South Korean boy band formed by JYP Entertainment through the 2017 reality show of the same name. The group released their extended play Mixtape on January 8 2018 and officially debuted on March 25 with I Am Not. Members: Bang Chan Leader rapper vocalist English Name Birth Name: Christopher Bang Date of Birth: October 3 1997 Raised in Sydney Australia Lee Know Vocalist rapper Real Name: Lee Minho Date of Birth: October 25 1998 Changbin Rapper Real Name: Seo Changbin Date of Birth: August 11 1999 Hyunjin Rapper Real Name: Hwang Hyunjin Date of Birth: March 20 2000 Han Rapper vocalist Real Name: Han Jisung Date of Birth: September 14 2000 Felix Rapper Real Name: Felix Lee Korean Name: Lee Yongbok Date of Birth: September 15 2000 Born and raised in Sydney Australia Seungmin Vocalist Real Name: Kim Seungmin Date of Birth: September 22 2000 I.N Vocalist Real Name: Yang Jeongin Date of Birth: February 8 2001 ExMembers: Woojin Vocalist Real Name: Kim Woojin Date of Birth: April 8 1997 Left the group in 2019 Source: Wikipedia