Catherina Kogaku Gassoudan

Website Profile Members Formed: 1973 Genre: Classical Introduction: Catherina Kogaku Gassoudan is a Japanese music ensemble who mainly plays music from the Renaissance and middle ages. They have been performing in the so called Roba House which is a classical music hut located in Tachikawa Tokyo. Members: Garyu Matsumoto plays the hurdygurdy psaltery bag pipe crumhorn cornet rackett pan flute recorder etc Tessey Ueno plays the santoor psaltery lute balama etc Junnosuke Chiba plays the viol recorder crumhorn etc Kazuaki Nagai plays the serpent sackbut crumhorn recorder etc Kazuhisa Saitou plays the fiddle viol etc Sarasa Matsumoto plays the voil and tromba marina in addition to dancing etc Reo Sai plays the santoor tombak goblet drum daf medieval drum etc Kei Okada plays the qatar rackett crumhorn etc Former Members: Takahiro Kitasato plays the shawn recorder Kimihiro Matsumoto plays the cister viol Haruo Shinakawa plays the qatar crumhorn recorder Masaaki Kawamura plays the shawn Fumiharu Yoshimine plays the recorder crumhorn Yoshimichi Hamada plays the zink crumhorn Christopher Hardy plays percussion instruments Yuuji Kamata plays the recorder Masamichi Sanguu plays the shawn