Years active:2011-Present
Website Twitter Instagram YouTube Formed: December 25 2011 Genres: Rock Dance Rock JPOP/Pop Introduction: Dish stylized as DISH// is a Japanese fourpiece pop/rock band under record label Sony Music Records 2013 who are also managed by talent agency Stardust Promotion. The group formed through the male music collective EBiDAN. They are known primarily as a Dance Rock band which is a genre of rock where you actively play instruments while dancing. For a while after their debut they wouldnt perform while dancing with their instruments but they would still sing while performing at the release event of their eight single HIGHVOLTAGE DANCER which released in 2016. Additionally their live performances are roughly divided into six formats dance rock format with or without a performance band format and dance format with some specific exceptions. The three others formats consist of solo singing performances duet singing performances and general contests. Their group name DISH// or DISH means dish in English and was named as such with the wish of becoming the main dish for everyone. For this reason it is customary for the band members to throw paper plates at the audience during their live performances. Biography: The band originally formed all the way back in 2011 with the four members TAKUMI Takumi Kitamura Toi Toui Tachibana Masaki Masaki Yabe and RYUJI Ryuuji Kobayashi. On June 10 2012 the band made their first indie debut with the release of their first indie single titled Its alright. Later on October 10 in the same year they released their second indie single titled Peter Pan Syndrome. Additionally on February 13 2013 they released their third indie single titled Give Me Chocolate. Later in 2013 on June 19 they would make their major debut with the single titled I Can Hear through record label Sony Music Records. On August 5 in the same year they would go on a tour which would last 10 days from Wakkanai Hokkaido with the end goal of reaching Kagoshima on August 14th. They would on October 16 in the same year release their second single titled sunny YA. The single peaked on the fifth spot in the Billboard JAPAN Hot Singles Sales also known as weekly single sales ranking and fourth on the Oricon CD single weekly ranking. Closing the end of the year on December 4 they would release a side dish single titled Itsukawa Merry Christmas. Contination of their biography can be found on Wikipedia Members: Takumi Kitamura leader of the band vocalist and guitarist Masaki Yabe guitarist and chorus Toui Tachibana rapper keyboardist DJ and Fling Dish Daichi Izumi drummer Former Members: Ryuuji Koyabyashi bassist rapper Source: Wikipedia JP edited